Typhoon Lagoon || Adabelle

The two were in the car laughing and flirting on their way to Typhoon Lagoon. Tomorrow they will be heading to Blizzard Beach then the next is Epcot. Those three are the only ones that she really missed. One hand she was upset she missed those due to her fighting for her own life, but at the same time she was happy cause she got to be with Adam alone. They made it to the park and headed to the locker rooms to put their belongings in there. She removed her beach dress she had over her bikini then walked out meeting up with Adam. “Hi.”

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    They both pulled away taking in some breaths they needed then headed out to the lazy river. She held onto his hand as...
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    He moved his lips against hers as they kissed passionately. She had definitely taught him how to love and he couldn’t be...
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